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Naomi's Playlist: Resolve to Appreciate Your Damn Self Edition

Jan 10, 2023

New Year, new you. Says who?

We put so much pressure on ourselves to be fitter, happier, healthier, and more productive once the clock strikes midnight on December 31. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to get more joy out of life, of course. But we give a big thumbs-down to the idea that your “old you” is so awful that it must be discarded like gift wrap or expired cheese, lest the vibe chase you into the new year.

Maybe 2023 is the year that we take down all the signs that say “under repair” and “improvements coming soon”! You’re got a strong foundation, baby. If your confidence is low, you need to be shored up, not torn down.

This new year playlist includes some of Naomi's favorite songs. It also pairs well with:

—Blocking social media posts that make you feel bad about yourself (especially the ones about how you could be perfect if you just exercised harder/slept less/spent 20 hours a day cooking your children gourmet meals from scratch).

—Giving the finger to people from your past who made you feel rotten.

—Realizing you’re a person and not a fixer-upper house or a car that needs constant repairs.

—Tearing up the list of everything you “should” be doing and making a new one that includes what you actually want to do.

—Making a toast to all the things you’ve learned and all the great things to come.



    Stripes Editorial Team



    Here’s the playlist:

    Changes — David Bowie

    Unpretty — TLC

    Cold Heart — Elton John & Dua Lipa

    Wuthering Heights — Kate Bush

    Movin' On Up — Primal Scream

    Good Morning Gorgeous — Mary J. Blige

    Mouthwash — Kate Nash

    Dreams — Fleetwood Mac

    Good Days — SZA

    Every Day Is A Winding Road — Sheryl Crow

    Spark — Tori Amos

    Just Like A Woman — Nina Simone

    Topaz — the B-52s

    Got To Be Real — Cheryl Lynn

    Extraordinary Machine — Fiona Apple

    With Arms Outstretched — Rilo Kiley