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Feeling Myself | Oh my Glide Play oil and Vag of Honnor Gel Bottles
Oh My Glide Play Oil
Vag of Honor Gel

Feeling Myself

Intimate Play Oil + Hydrating Gel (full-size)


Kit Set
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The perfect combination to soothe vaginal dryness and reduce sexual discomfort associated with perimenopause and menopause. This divine double offers soothing, calming hydration for your most delicate parts. Use daily (and nightly) for all your down-there care, (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

The Feeling Myself kit includes:

  • Full Size Oh My Glide 100ml
  • Full Size Vag of Honor 50ml


  • Oh My Glide:
    • Hydrating and moisturizing oil-based formulation
    • Natural multi-purpose moisturizer relieves dryness and doubles as a massage oil
    • Helps prep for intimacy and relieves sexual discomfort
  • Vag of Honor:
    • Hydrating and moisturizing gel formulation
    • Promotes a healthy pH
  • Both products:
    • Dermatologist-approved
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Lab-tested
    • Suitable for sensitive skin
    • Hormone-free
    • Unscented

How to use

  • Oh My Glide: Apply a generous amount of product to lubricate right before intimacy. *IMPORTANT: Do not use with latex products such as condoms.
  • Vag of Honor: Apply externally 1-2 pumps of product to moisturize daily

Kit Set

Key Ingredients

Vag of Honor

Ectoine & Squalane - Patent-pending combination targets hydration where needed the most. Ectoine maintains optimum water balance in skin over an extended period of time.
Squalane offers exceptional moisturizing properties for smoother and healthier skin.
Glycogen - Feeds good bacteria to promote a healthy pH.
Hylauronic Acid - A exceptional hydrator that moisturizes the skin.

Oh My Glide

Squalane - Supports skin moisture barrier.
Coconut Oil - Natural oil that provides good emollience
Bisabolol Oil - Helps to calm and soothe skin.