Here’s what you need to know about menopause

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Dry skin is one of the most common indicators that you’re beginning your transition into menopause. (Ivan Samkov/Pexels)

Your Skin

Symptom Guide: Menopause Dry Skin

It’s oily. It’s dry. You’re red. You’re itchy. Perimenopausal and menopausal skin can be the definition of haywire.

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Your Skin

Symptom Guide: Thinning Hair and Brittle Nails During Menopause

There are definitely ways to keep your hair and nails looking better and less dry and brittle. A little care and kindness can go...

Symptom Guide: Menopausal Acne - Stripes Beauty

Your Skin

Symptom Guide: Menopausal Acne

What is menopausal acne? Chances are, the same force behind those teenage zits is to blame for most cases of perimenopausal acne.

Stripes is your safe haven

Let’s change the conversation around the change

Stripes is your safe haven

Let’s change the conversation around the change

In partnership with the biotech company Amyris, Stripes created a line of holistic, science-backed solutions that promote overall wellness for people experiencing menopause. Our active ingredients are sustainably sourced, and created to be good to both you and our planet. 


Menopause affects each of us differently, which is why we designed Stripes to be inclusive of all people who experience it. When we make space for each of our unique journeys and needs, we create a collective wisdom that strengthens, empowers, and unites us all.


Stripes is not an anti-aging brand. Rather, we believe in aging well, with ease, and with pride. We promote solutions that help people navigate and mitigate the natural transitions that occur before, during, and after menopause. Growing older is a privilege that we both nurture and celebrate.