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Helping Strand Duo
The Root of it Scalp Serum bottle
The Crown Pleaser Jar

Helping Strands

Scalp Serum + Hair-Thickening Mask (full-size)


Kit Set
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Gee, your hair looks (and feels) terrific! This hydrating and densifying duo tames flyaways, adds shine, and builds up body for softer, thicker, rejuvenated hair that demands to be tossed, touched, flipped and flaunted.

Ultra-dry hair deserves Ectoine care. This genius ingredient uses smart-targeted hydration to distribute love and moisture to thirsty strands.

Body Double Hair Hydration Kit Includes:

  • Full Size The Root of It 50 mL
  • Full Size Crown Pleaser 180 mL


  • Improves hair density
  • Conditions scalp and hair
  • Thickens and hydrates
  • Improves hair condition and quality
  • Adds shine

How to use

The Root of It: Apply a generous amount of product directly to your scalp, then thoroughly massage it into your roots. Rinse after 15 minutes or leave on overnight.

The Crowd Pleaser: After shampooing, apply a generous amount of product to wet hair and leave on for 5 minutes (longer if desired). Rinse well.

Kit Set

Key Ingredients


Adds hydration

Amla + Scutellaria baicalensis + Soy + wheat sprouts

Improve hair density

Pea peptide

Helps thicken hair