Here’s what you need to know about menopause

The Basics

Menopause and Sex Hormones - Stripes Beauty
Menopause and Sex Hormones

What are the hormones that are taking a roller coaster ride in your body? And how do they affect you during menopause?

What Is Induced Menopause? - Stripes Beauty
What Is Induced Menopause?

Menopause is a part of all of our lives — but for some, medical treatments can make it come early.

Menopause isn't always easy to talk about. Here are tips on how to have an effective conversation with your doctor. (Photo credit: Pexels)


How to Talk to Your Gyno About Menopause

Here are some tips on how to talk to your gynecologist to get the most out of your appointment so you come away feeling...

Am I Going Through Early Menopause? - Stripes Beauty


Am I Going Through Early Menopause?

Early menopause — sometimes called ovarian insufficiency — typically happens between ages 40 and 45 (compared to premature menopause, which happens before age 40). 

Understanding the process can take the anxiety out of menopause can help you take charge of your body as you approach your reproductive system’s second act. Photo credit: Pexels


Symptom Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Perimenopause

Understanding the entire menopause process can take the anxiety out of the experience and help you take charge of your body.


Heart health

HRT and Heart Health: Everything You Need to Know

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT), a common treatment for the symptoms of menopause may offer some protection and even lower your risk against developing heart disease.

In the last two decades there’s been a lot of confusion about HRT, scaring off patients and their health care providers. Image/CreativeCommons

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT): An Intro Guide

We're finally getting helpful research about HRT and its effect on menopause symptoms. Here's information to get you started.

Not sure where you got your information about menopause? It's time to ditch the myths and get the facts. (Photo credit: Unsplash)


Top 5 Myths About Menopause

You'll never want to have sex again. You’ll be old and useless. It’s time to bust the myths and the record straight on what menopause is...

Here’s a quick guide about what to expect when you’re expecting to go though menopause. (Photo: Rodnae Productions/Pexels)


Everything You Need to Know About Menopause

Since we never learned about it in health class, here’s a quick primer about what to expect when you’re expecting menopause.

Stripes is your safe haven

Let’s change the conversation around the change

Stripes is your safe haven

Let’s change the conversation around the change

In partnership with the biotech company Amyris, Stripes created a line of holistic, science-backed solutions that promote overall wellness for people experiencing menopause. Our active ingredients are sustainably sourced, and created to be good to both you and our planet. 


Menopause affects each of us differently, which is why we designed Stripes to be inclusive of all people who experience it. When we make space for each of our unique journeys and needs, we create a collective wisdom that strengthens, empowers, and unites us all.


Stripes is not an anti-aging brand. Rather, we believe in aging well, with ease, and with pride. We promote solutions that help people navigate and mitigate the natural transitions that occur before, during, and after menopause. Growing older is a privilege that we both nurture and celebrate.