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All the Feelings: The Adulted Mother’s Day Playlist

Apr 27, 2023

All the Feelings: The Adulted Mother’s Day Playlist

There are plenty of simple, sweet songs exalting moms out there — songs about how our mothers raised us, lead us, inspire us, and made us the women we are today.

But this playlist doesn't have any of them. This Mother's Day, Adulted has assembled a playlist of songs about the other kind of mother-daughter relationship — the kind that get messy and intense, and refuse to be seen in black-and-white terms. Because our mothers can lead us, inspire us, and frustrate us, confuse us, and bring us to tears. And a lot of the time, that complexity makes our relationships with them even more important.

So if you're feeling something a little more complicated this Mother's Day, queue up our playlist and get ready to feel your feelings (call to your mom at the end 100% optional).


This Woman's Work - Kate Bush
To Zion - Lauryn Hill
Sweetest Devotion - Adele
I’m A Survivor - Reba McEntire
Because Of You - Kelly Clarkson
Mother- John Lennon
We Exist- Arcade Fire
Baby Mama - Fantasia